Music & vids

Aaron Walker Quartet (with Claude Sim) play “Coquette”

Aaron Walker Quartet (with Claude Sim) play “Gonzalogy” by Gonzalo Bergara. Second Tuesdays Concert Series, Arvada, Colorado 2018

Extasis – The Argentine tango ensemble's debut CD featuring Evan Orman, Claude Sim, Kenneth Harper, and Michael Tilley. Below is an audio link of "Celos", performed live by Sim and Tilley in 2012, and a video clip of "Canaro en Paris" by Extasis.

Extasis plays Canaro en Paris by Juan Caldarella and Alejandro Scarpino
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Claude Sim (Assoc. Concertmaster) playing a bit of the ‪‎Violin‬ ‪#Concerto‬ you'll hear at "Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition", JAN 29-30, 2016, accompanied by wife Natalia Sim. Thanks to the Colorado Public Radio Classical Performance Studio.

Claude Sim rehearses the Khachaturian Violin Concerto with Jayce Ogren and the Colorado Symphony

Spacefly rehearses "Superman"

Spacefly plays their tune "Another One" @ Dazzle Jazz 2016

"Gospel" (Spacefly)

"Red World"

Béla Fleck & Claude Sim play Crooked Run (Fleck)
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Time With You (2006) Claude Sim's debut CD features jazz standards and more. Personnel include: Dave Hanson, Ron Bland, Todd Reid, and Greg Gisbert.